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3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need A Commercial Fleet Repair Mechanic

Are you the owner of a small plumbing, electrical, locksmith, or other business where your employees have to go out to meet your customers at their homes or places of business? What do you do if any of your vehicles break down? If you're like many similar business owners, you probably said that you take the vehicle to a regular local mechanic. While this is a good answer, it's probably not the best answer. A better answer would be that your vehicles get fixed by a shop that specializes in the repair of commercial vehicles. There are several reasons for this, some of which include:

1. Less hassle: In many instances, you can find a commercial fleet repair mechanic that is willing to come to your place of business to complete most minor repairs and routine maintenance. Instead of having to scramble to coordinate drivers to drop off and pick up each of your vehicles at the shop for an oil change or to install new spark plugs, your employees can be assigned to other work while the vehicles are still able to be worked on. Instead of having to try to coordinate the second vehicle to pick up the driver who drops the vehicle off at the mechanic, all drivers and available vehicles can be sent out on work calls.

2. Save time: Even if you do have to drop off a vehicle at a location that does commercial fleet repair, the turnaround time for repairs and maintenance is often much quicker than at a standard mechanic. Mechanics who work on commercial vehicles on a regular basis know how critical it is for your business that you get your vehicle back as soon as possible. While also important for residential mechanics, it's not quite the same. A business that has vehicles in need of repair may be losing thousands of dollars for every day that the vehicle is being worked on at the mechanic.

3. More experience: Vehicles that get driven almost 24/7 are going to wear out more quickly and be in need of different repairs than a vehicle that is only used for a few hours every week to go back and forth to work. A commercial fleet repair mechanic is going to know this and is better poised to know exactly what is wrong. A residential mechanic may eventually find the same things, but it may take significantly longer as he or she checks areas that are more likely to be the issue in personal vehicles and not commercial ones.

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