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It Does More Than You Think: 4 Ways Your Cars Smart Start Makes Your Life Easier

If you've got a remote start on your car, you know that it will start your car with the push of a button. You probably also know that you don't need to be standing right next to your car to start the engine. However, you might not know that there are a lot of other things you can do with your remote start. Some of the things you can do are time savers, while others are car savers. Here are four of the things that you might not know you can do with your remote starter.

Defrost Your Rear Window

There's nothing worse than getting in your car in the middle of winter only to find that your rear window is iced over. You either need to sit in the car and wait for your window to clear up, or you need to get out in the cold to scrape it. Either way, you're stuck in the cold until you can see properly. However, if you have a remote start car, you can automatically activate the rear-window defroster, which means your car will be ready to go when you are.

Use Remote Phone Start

One of the problems with your car keys is that you don't always know where they are. If you carry them in your purse or brief case, you can't always find them when you need them. However, you do always know where your cell phone is. If you've got a smart remote for your car, that means you can always start your car, even if you can't find your keys. With smart start technology, you can use your phone app to start your car, which means you won't need to search for your keys anymore.

Start Your Car When You're Gone

One of the problems with extended vacations, or long business trips, is that you need to leave your car parked for extended periods of time. That can be very damaging for the engine. Luckily, if you have a smart start, you can start your car while you're gone. All you need to do is use your phone to start the engine. After it's idled for a bit, you can turn the engine off. Use that option once a day while you're traveling and you won't need to worry about engine troubles when you return.

Keep an Eye on Your Car

If you've got a high-end car, thieves are going to be looking for it. Unfortunately, you can't sit outside and monitor your car all day, or night, long. That's where smart start technology comes in handy. If your car is equipped with smart start, you'll be notified as soon as someone tries to steal your car. You can access it remotely to prevent the theft. Not only that, but the early notification will give you time to alert the police.