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Need Auto Glass Repairs? What To Know Before You Pay

If something fell out of a tree, or blew by in the wind to where your car was parked, and your windshield was damaged, you want to get it fixed before you get a ticket or a citation, or before you end up getting in an accident because you couldn't see. Here are some of the things to think about if you have never had to call a windshield repair company, and if you aren't sure if it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Call Your Insurance Provider

This may be something that is covered under your insurance, and if the cost to replace the windshield far exceeds your deductible, it is worth the time to call about the potential claim. They may also have a set list of providers that you can get a discount from if you use them, even if they don't cover this type of insurance or if you decide not to make the claim.

Avoid Scams

The type of service in which people come to your home or work to fix the windshield, instead of requiring you to make an appointment and go in, is great if you get a legitimate company. To avoid scams, check into the following things:

To avoid a scam, make sure that they are insured and bonded, that they have a real business where people answer the phones, and that they are registered with the local department of business and the Better Business Bureau.

Know When to Repair or Replace

If the crack or chip is minor, and not in a spot where it is impairing your vision, you will want to simply have the technicians repair the damage and stop it from spreading. If it's a large crack that is spreading, have the windshield replaced so the problem doesn't need a service call again in the near future.

When the weather is cold, the crack or chip will expand more quickly; this is also true if you are driving down bumpy roads. Make sure that you get the problem taken care of before you have a serious accident, because your vision is impaired by the cracks or a glare, or before the glass breaks and then shatters all over you and does serious damage. There are a lot of companies that offer this type of service, so shop around and get the most affordable rate on your auto glass repair