Identifying Paint Problems

4 Everyday Items That Are Harmful To Your Vehicle's Paint

Damaged paint can quickly cause your attractive vehicle to look old. There are many things that can wear down auto paint, including everyday items that you may or may not have thought of. Keep reading to learn four of them and how you can protect your vehicle so that you can hopefully avoid needing auto paint repair.

Soda and Coffee

If you are in a hurry in the morning and accidentally spill your soda or coffee on your vehicle, it is important that you wipe it off immediately to ensure that paint corrosion does not occur. Both of these beverages contain acid that can cause harmful damage to the outer layer of auto paint and make it susceptible to the various elements. Soda and coffee not only leave behind a sticky residue on your vehicle, but they can also stain the auto paint.


When you stop at the gas station to fill up, try to ensure that you don't overfill the tank or spill any fuel since gas can stain the vehicle. Once the gas evaporates, it may leave marks on the vehicle and cause damage to the vehicle's clear coat. One way to help protect the auto paint from gasoline spills is to add a coat of car wax.

Tree Sap

If your park your vehicle beneath a tree, be careful doing so. Many trees will drip sap, and this sap contains chemicals that may react with the auto paint, resulting in permanent damage. If you notice any sap on your vehicle, use a vehicle-safe clean and a soft cloth to wipe off the sap immediately, which will help avoid the need to visit the auto paint repair shop anytime soon due to tree sap damage.


If you travel at any during the summer, especially on the interstate, you are well aware of what your front bumper looks like—covered in bugs! However, you may not realize that these bugs can actually be harmful to your vehicle's paint if they are not removed in a timely manner. The bodies of these bugs actually contain acid that can be damaging to your vehicle's auto paint and need to be cleaned off with a soft cloth and a car-safe bug remover as quickly as possible.

In the event that the time comes that you need to have your vehicle's auto paint touched up, repaired, etc., get in touch with an auto paint service like Lakeside Collision Kirkland, in your local area for an estimate.