Identifying Paint Problems

Repairing The Collision Damage Your Vehicle Has Suffered

The effects that a collision can have on your vehicle may be extensive, but you might not always be fully able to navigate the repair process due to a lack of experience with encountering this type of auto damage.

What If The Auto Collision Damage Has Forced A Body Panel To Be Close To The Wheel?

A common side effect of collision damage is a body panel of the car being forced into direct contact or close proximity to the wheels of the car. This type of damage can be particularly significant as it can make the vehicle unsafe for use by dramatically increasing the chances of the tires rupturing while the vehicle is in motion. If your car suffered this type of damage, having it towed to the closest repair center can be the safest option.

Is It Worth The Time To Get Multiple Estimates Even If Your Insurance Is Paying?

Regardless of whether or not your insurance is going to pay for the repairs to your vehicle after a collision, you may still greatly benefit from getting repair quotes from several providers. While the insurance may pay for the cost of the repairs, there are other benefits that these services may be able to provide. An example of this type of amenity is a loaner car for you to use while repairs are completed. Additionally, the extent of the warranty protection offered by various repair centers can vary.

How Long Can You Expect Your Auto Body Collision Repairs To Take?

Whenever your car needs repairs, it can be a disruptive experience due to the reliance that you have on your vehicle. When you are having auto collision damage repaired, the amount of time that will be required is heavily dependent on the type and extent of the damage that has been suffered. If the collision damage to your vehicle is limited to a single body panel, it may be possible for the panel to be repaired or replaced and painted in a matter of a day or two. Unfortunately, widespread auto body damage is more time-consuming to repair, and it may take a week or longer before the vehicle is ready to be returned to you for regular use. You will be able to learn about the estimated time needed for repairs as part of the process of getting quotes for this work, which can allow you to more effectively plan for this disruption.

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