Identifying Paint Problems

Military Spec Coatings to Complete Your Off-Road Vehicle

If you want to give your off-road vehicle an authentic finish, military spec coatings are a great choice. These coatings are more than just durable camouflage paints. They can also be durable coatings that protect metal components from harsh environments. The following information will help you give you to choose the right military spec coatings for your vehicle:

Non-Reflective Paint Finishes

Matte finishes have become popular paint jobs for many different types of vehicles. These are paints that are dull and don't have a reflection or shine. This can be accomplished with normal matte paint finishes in an auto body shop, but these finishes may not meet military specifications. For instance, you may want to have a matte finish that is non-reflective and won't reflect any light or heat. Today, non-reflective military spec coatings are the best solution for these types of finishes. The non-reflective coatings can even give custom cars a matte finish.

Protective Coatings to Prevent Corrosion

The military-spec protective coatings can be used to prevent corrosion of vulnerable areas of your off-road vehicle. There are different types of coatings that you may want to consider for the exposed metal. First, you may want to have an exposed undercarriage and parts like skid plates finished with a more durable coating. These can be textured rubber-like finishes that will protect the metal from debris while you are driving off-road. There are other parts that move, such as driveshafts and suspension components, where you may want to use mil-spec coatings. These finishes can be more like powder coatings that are designed to protect moving parts with a durable and attractive finish.

Camouflage for Different Off-Road Environments

Lastly, one of the main features that you may want with a mill spec finish is camouflage. There are a lot of options for camouflage finishes that you may want to consider for your vehicle. Suppose you are usually driving in a particular environment and ecosystem. In that case, you may want to have a camouflage paint job the matches the surroundings where you are driving your vehicle. These can be finishes that fit in with desert surroundings in the desert or forest tree-like camouflage in wooded areas. With mil-spec coatings, there are also options for other environmental surroundings, such as those that blend into grassy plains or coastal wetlands.

The mil-spec coatings that you use to finish your vehicles will be perfect for the off-road conditions of trails. Contact a military specification coating supplier to get the materials you need for these finishes.