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5 Common Damages From A Front End Collision

A front-end collision doesn't have to be at high speeds to cause damage. Even low-speed collisions can cause damage that shouldn't be ignored as they may make the car unsafe to drive.

1. Hood Latches

Even the most minor of collisions can cause major damage to the hood. If the hood no longer closes so that it sits completely flush, then it poses a risk of latch failure. You don't want to be driving 65 down the highway when a latch fails and the hood flies open. Damaged latches can be repaired or replaced, and a slightly warped hood panel can be straightened so that everything closes and stays closed.

2. Bumper and Sensors

Most modern bumpers are hidden under a decorative bumper cover. Between the bumper and the cover are the safety sensors for the airbags. Some cars may also have sensors to help avoid collisions or make parallel parking easier. A repair technician needs to replace or reset these sensors following a collision. They may also need to repair the bumper damage or replace a broken bumper cover. 

3. Grill and Lights

Grill and light damage may seem minor. Generally, any broken lights simply need to be replaced, but grill damage is more severe as it can lead to mechanical issues. The front grill is pretty durable, but a front-end collision can bend it up pretty badly. This can constrict airflow under the hood, which can lead to overheating issues. A damaged grill needs to be replaced if it is too bent up to repair.

4. Engine Parts

The parts closest to the front of the car, like the radiator, are most likely to experience damage. In fact, a cracked radiator is a relatively common type of front-end collision damage. Some damage under the hood may not be immediately visible. For example, the force of the collision can crack engine and transmission mounts, which can lead to a major repair issue later.

5. Frame

Most cars have a unibody frame, which means it is all one piece. When you get in a collision with enough force, the frame warps. A warped frame can affect alignment and handling, even if the damage is minor. Fortunately, repair is often possible. A collision service will be able to put the car on a special device that will pull the frame back into the proper shape. 

Contact a collision repair service if your car has suffered front-end damage.