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Common Myths Pertaining to Airbag Deployment and Auto Collision Repair

Airbags are designed to deploy in a major accident or collision. When an airbag deploys, it can save your life. After a collision in which an airbag has been deployed, you may start to do some research about airbags and getting your vehicle fixed. Unfortunately, there are many myths that you may read online or that you may hear from people pertaining to airbag deployment and auto collision repair. Here are a few of those myths and the truth surrounding these myths. 

Myth 1: If the Airbag Deploys, Your Car Will Be Totaled

One of the biggest myths surrounding airbag deployment is that your car will be totaled if the airbag deploys. This is not the case. An insurance company will not simply total the vehicle because an airbag has been deployed. However, there is some correlation between airbags being deployed and cars being total. Airbags deploy during serious accidents. These accidents can cause a lot of damage to your car. Additionally, airbags can be pricey to replace. An auto collision repair center can prepare an estimate for repair costs following an accident. Your insurance company can then decide to total the car or pay for repairs based on the value of your car and the estimated repair costs. 

Myth 2: Airbags Can Be Repaired and Used Again

Another common myth pertaining to airbag deployment is that airbags can be repaired and used again. There is a small amount of truth to this myth. When airbags were first introduced, there were some that could be reused after they were deployed. However, those airbags have not been installed in newer cars, and it is not recommended that they be reused if you have an older car with that type of airbag. Instead, auto collision repair shops replace the airbags once they have been deployed. 

Myth 3: Only Dealerships Can Replace Deployed Airbags

The final myth surrounding airbag deployment is that only dealerships can replace deployed airbags. While dealerships can replace airbags, they are not the only place where airbags can be replaced. Auto collision repair shops are trained in how to properly replace both front and side airbags in a wide array of automobiles. As such, you can trust them to replace yours if your airbag is deployed during a collision. 

If an airbag has been deployed in your vehicle following an automobile accident, an auto collision repair shop can fix both the damage to your vehicle and replace the deployed airbag. Reach out to your preferred auto body collision repair center today to schedule an appointment to get your car repaired.