Identifying Paint Problems

DIY Bumper Repair Is Often Costly

For most people, getting into a minor fender bender and paying for bumper repair is never a part of the plan. As such, people often want to manage this unexpected cost for as little as possible. While this repair should not be expensive, settling for a low-cost option such as DIY methods can be a costlier route. Learn why cheap bumper repair is not always the best.

Paint Damage

Depending on the extent of bumper damage, some level of manipulation must be performed to remove the dent. Some owners use a dent puller to remove the imperfection for minimal damage. Dent pullers are easy to use, but only when you have the proper knowledge and skill. When misused, they will remove the dent and the paint. What was once a simple bumper repair can quickly become a repair and a paint job. 

Recurring Repair

Another thing to consider about low cost or do-it-yourself bumper repairs is that they are rarely performed the correct way. In addition to paint damage, the dent can reappear when the puller method is not performed correctly, which will require an additional repair. Additional repairs mean costs that could have easily been avoided if the repairs were performed correctly the first time. 

Void Insurance

Speaking of recurring repairs, consider a scenario where the insurance company paid to have the bumper repaired by a professional, but the vehicle owner decided to perform the job themselves, for instance. If the bumper needs to be repaired again, they will not be able to file a second claim. Once the insurance company inspects the damage and discovers that the repair was not performed correctly the first time and is not the result of new damage, they could void the claim.

Vehicle Value

If you decide to trade in or sell your vehicle in the future, these low-cost repairs can also translate into a reduced vehicle value. Particularly when it comes to dealerships, they will have someone look over the vehicle to look for any signs of damage. A poorly performed bumper repair would be easily identifiable. As a result, the resale value of the vehicle will be lowered, which will lower the amount of money you can get from trading in the vehicle. 

If you need your bumper repaired, make sure you go about the process the correct way. Not only will your car look better, but you will also save money in the long run. 

For more information on bumper repair, contact an auto shop.