Identifying Paint Problems


4 Advantages Of Using Power Coating On Your Vehicle

Keeping your car in good condition should be foremost on your mind. This can be difficult to achieve if you've recently been in an accident. The first thing you should work towards is getting your car repaired. However, one way to make this possible is by choosing power coating over the traditional paint. Being aware of many of the reasons to do this may be extremely

Need Auto Glass Repairs? What To Know Before You Pay

If something fell out of a tree, or blew by in the wind to where your car was parked, and your windshield was damaged, you want to get it fixed before you get a ticket or a citation, or before you end up getting in an accident because you couldn't see. Here are some of the things to think about if you have never had to call a windshield repair company, and if you aren

How To Repair Small Scratches And Paint Chips

Auto collision repair is something that you are bound to invest in over the life of your car. Of course, most serious collision repair needs to be done by auto body professionals at companies like Mach 1 Body Shop Inc. However, there are probably some small paint chips and scratches on your car that you can fix yourself. These are minor repairs that can be done with o

Bought A New Car? How To Keep Your Auto Body In Good Condition

There's nothing like buying a brand new car that is straight off of the showroom floor. Just knowing that you're the first person who has ever owned the car can be thrilling because it gives you the chance to take care of the car correctly from the very beginning. A large part of the excitement that comes with buying a brand new car is admiring the body of the vehicle

How To Fix A Locked Vehicle Steering Wheel

It's a scary feeling to think your steering wheel could lock up anytime. However, the vehicle steering wheel locks when it doesn't detect a key, which prevents theft. There are also many other reasons why steering wheels lock, such as debris in the linkage or a stuck steering valve. You should be able to fix the problem yourself by following these instructions Insert